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[Music] 35 minute Drew Ryan Scott Medley


I can’t imagine how long it must have taken Charlotte, our awesome staff member & gallery updater to make this, but sit back, relax and check out this extremely elaborate 35 minute medley of Drew’s solos from various VFC, After Romeo and Demo songs!  It’s extremely detailed and includes some songs you’ve probably never even [ Read more...]

[Music] “Under Cover Love” Sing-A-Long Version


Remember “Undercover Love” from the “Rock of Ages” movie soundtrack? If you’ve ever wanted to listen Drew’s background vocals on “Undercover Love”  now you can! Came across an instrumental/Karaoke version while surfing Spotify and you can clearly hear Drew’s vocals. Check it out below! You’ll have to have a Spotify account to listen, if you [ Read more...]

[Video] After Romeo covers One Direction’s “Kiss You”

Juilets! After Romeo’s latest cover video has arrived! Watch it NOW! #AfterRomeoKissYou If you’re not already, be sure to follow the guys on all of their social networking sites! Follow the guys on twitter: Follow on instagram: @AfterRomeo “Like” the guys on facebook!:    

[Music] “Heartbreak Hotel”

An awesome song called “Heart Break Hotel” surfaced online a while back.  The track is a joint collaboration between Drew and  Sammy Naja (SHINee, US5) for an unnamed artist done while he was in Germany. Normally I’m against posting leaked music and am not going to make a habit of it, but every now and [ Read more...]